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Product name : Zipper Coiling Machine
Item : DX
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Machine Characteristic
1.It will stop when without monofilament yarn , center Line ,tooth difference between
left and right and entwine the screw of monofilament yarn.
2. Machine in high speed ,high capacity
3. It will reduce the scrap rate .
4.Adport the timing belt ,it can reduce the voice . Save effort of tooth assembly ,can
save electricity
Machine Technical parameter
High Speed Zipper Sewing Machine (with servo Motor)
The Looper Thread Take-up can make it up and down The Looper shaft move in ellipse to
For threading easy. Decrease needle burning the adjustable
Needle. The adjustable looper holder
Make the threading easy
Power :  2HP
Machine Weight 320kgs
Speed  2320-2500Rotary
Machine Size  100*90*160cm
Type  3# 4# 5# 8#10# and so on .

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