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Product name : Flexo Printing Machine
Item : YT600-1200
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This flexible printing machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as plastic film bag, paper, foil, non woven fabric etc. And it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag etc.

Main Specifications and the Features: 
1. Easy to operation, accurate color, long life

2. The use of motors, variable frequency speed control, saving electricity

3. Off –printing roll automatic stop the ink-running motor, and up-printing roll automatic start running the ink

4. Rewinding and unwinding system adopts tension controller, magnetic powder and EPC device to achieve good print effect

5. There are two sets of heating devices, including central heating and constant temperature control system for drying system

6. With the cold wind system, can effectively prevent from ink adhesion after printing

7. The printing produces are clear and good arrangement quality

Main Technical Parameter

4 color (any increase or decrease) / multicolor printing

Material width         800mm

Printing width         760mm

Printing length       191-1000mm (normal is 400mm, different length please tell the manufacture)

Mechanical speed    10-80m/min

Printing speed       10-50m.min

Alignment precision  ±0.4mm, manually

Anilox roll           100-1000 LPI/cm

Diameter for unwinding & rewinding part       ø 1000mmThe weight about 500KGS , If more heavy , pls kindly inform us, we will enlarge the motor

Inner diameter of unwinding & rewinding part   ø 76 mm

Main motor             3.5KW

Total power            ≈11.5KW

Total weight            ≈3500KG

Machine dimension      4200*1800*2400mm


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